Comedy Reel

Scenes from ABC, IFC, NBC, Film, Webseries, Pilots , & then some …

comedy-additionHey now … a gal’s gotta get mic’d’ up! On location for “Mother Of The Week” w/ editing & audio expert Nick Guldner

Simone Mike Starr up for Bat :Grillo Project

As ‘Minnie’ w/‘Mickey’ (Mike Starr) in the Steve Grillo Pilot “1 Dude/2 Hoods”.

Simone and Joe WWYD Name Shot

Luckily ABC’s “What Would You Do?” makes it clear that we’re actors before the scene gets extra creepy!


“More Cowbell”!! I’m finally in the band! (Well, as ‘Gloria’ … who has no rhythm … in a few eps of Ronzoni’s Webseries).

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