How else could Simone interview Miss America for NBC?

How else could Simone interview Miss America for NBC?
This Skymall lamp was a joy to work with, + she had absolutely no opinion in the edit suite.

This Skymall lamp was a joy to work with, + she had absolutely no opinion in the edit suite.

About Simone

As a Performer, Writer, Producer, & Creator,
(not necessarily in this order, but usually doing 3 out of 4 simultaneously) Simone has the opportunity to work in several arenas of entertainment, including but not limited to; Network Television, Cable, Radio, Comedy, Variety, Scripted, Outlined, Improv, Primetime, Late Night, & Daytime, Commercials, (TV & Radio) Music, (mostly Country) Film, Off-Broadway, Branded Entertainment, & Beyond.

From 2010 til now, Simone has been collaborating on music, food, art, & comedy – driven TV, interactive, and stage projects with
celebrated (and some soon to be) artists, actors, & chefs!

For the 12th Annual Americana Music Honors and Awards, Simone co-created, and co-executive produced the first-ever Pre-Show featuring; Bonnie Raitt, The Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, Booker T., Richard Thompson, The Punch Brothers, John Hiatt, Brandi Carlile, and many more. Along with Executive Director Jed Hilly, Simone brought Music City Roots on board for production, (with next to no pre-pro as the pre-show was a last minute decision!) Chuck Mead & Craig Havighurst co-hosted what became
the first live-streamed event from Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium.

In addition to working directly with artists and teams, Simone provided host script and research. During AmericanaFest, while moderating the live performance panel she co-created ‘Charting New Waters’ (not that anyone can replace legendary radio-personality Jessie Scott last minute☺) Simone hosted Americana favorites; Paul Thorn, John Fullbright, Lera Lynn, Anthony da Costa, Robert Ellis, & Charlie Faye, (Charlie’s series Simone is currently in development with)!

On the comedy front, (airing on Howard TV) Simone co-created/exec produced and co-wrote the Howard Stern-related pilot ‘1 Dude/2 Hoods’ featuring the comic-character genius of Mike Starr, Mason Reese, Denny Dillon, & Vinny Vella, with some younger/appealing actors as well☺… wrapped around the warped life of longtime Stern Intern, Steve ‘The Gorilla’ Grillo’s childhood. Additionally, Simone ventured into ‘food’ on the adventure-cooking pilot/’Chef’s Quest’ with Option 3 Media, and ‘Hot Heroes’ in association w/Karla Katz, featuring NJ/NY’s finest firehouse chefs!

From 2006-2009 (as partner in Fernandez/Lazer Productions, inc) Simone had the pleasure of creating, exec-producing & writing the original Art series ‘4 Art’s Sake’ … featuring world-renowned contemporary living artists, Romero Britto, Agam, Simon Bull, Linda Le Kinff, Alex Gockel, Scott Jacobs, (among others) … and of course, their art … along with the deceased masters that inspired them! (The deceased being easiest to work with, as they had no opinion in the edit … Kidding!) All eps aired on a variety of cruise lines with over 80 ships, (each with their own branding and segment length needs!) in an integrated partnership, shot on location at galleries and in art studios all over the world.

Additionally, on ‘4 Art’s Sake’ … Simone was responsible for all scripts, host/artist interviews, wraparounds etc … and conducted all research, selected the artwork, (with the Gallery Director’s approval) as well as how the pieces were used/viewed in each segment, (including movement and or animation.) Additionally, Simone selected all music, and was lucky to have a staff – editor not insulted by thorough paper cuts!

Simultaneously, while producing/writing ‘4 Art’s Sake, Simone was a series regular on the original IFC comedy ‘Z ROCK’, playing the totally wacky ‘merch girl’ Esther.

Simone’s multiple personality disorder came in handy when NBC had her serve as Co-Creator, Writer-Producer & Gal Behind the Scenes on the Celebrity Concert Special “DARE to DREAM,” which was shot on location at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Simone wrote and produced several ‘DTD’ segments, (with a little help from co-writer, radio icon, & show announcer Ken Dashow) featuring monologues and dialogue for Co-Hosts Billy Bush & Lynda Lopez, in addition to bits featuring celebrity guest-stars including; Uncle Kracker, Miss America, Jars of Clay, & Delbert McClinton. Founding member of The Grateful Dead/Bill Kreutzmann kindly allowed for and participated in a sketch on his tour bus causing Simone’s belief that she’s still a bit ‘baked’! In addition, packages featured sitcom celebrities Richard Kline & Don Most airing on giant arena screens in between set changes. Simone was responsible for writing, producing, & conducting (on & off camera) live-artist interviews, & handled all research.

Also as a partner in Fernandez/Lazer, Simone has had the opportunity to collaborate on the development of several music driven specials and bio-pics including ‘One Supreme Story’ … The Mary Wilson Story, in association with Mary Wilson and Green/Epstein/Bacino, in addition to ‘Buried Alive’ … The Janis Joplin Story, the rap oriented ‘No Mystery’ in association with (and originally developed for) Court TV, ‘Oh What a Life’ … The Jeffrey Steele Adventures, in association with Jeffrey Steele.

While Off-Broadway, Simone originated the Psycho-babbling quack, ‘Dr. Rachel’ in critically acclaimed performances of one of the longest running comedies in Off-Broadway history, ‘Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral’, published by Samuel French. As an original company member, Simone had the opportunity to write for her character, and was featured in a variety of national publications, also getting picked up on NYC’s Mix 105.1 as legendary personality Jim Kerr & his morning crew’s ‘shrink’ … providing Simone with a platform to comically abuse unawake New Yorkers, (while she was unawake) with horrific relationship advice.

Los Angeles stage adventures (in addition to Grandma Sylvia’s prior to CAA packaging Off-B’way) include performing & writing with The Second City, (& surviving working w/ Andy Dick, while enjoying working w/ David Arquette among others)! Simone has been seen on late night TV, in addition to recurring on daytime & primetime programs, while Simone’s voice has been heard on National TV & radio promoting a variety of brands. As a published songwriter, Simone’s (mostly country) songs have been placed in film & TV projects, including NBC’s ‘Today’.

All in all, her acting & writing backgrounds have fed the craving for
24/7 adventures in studio, field &/or edit-suite, while Simone continues to
enjoy wearing many hats … especially on bad hair days.

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