New York & LA Critics who’ve seen Simone on stage in the recent past & not so have said

  • “Lazer, channeling Christine Baranski, offers a devilish turn and nearly runs away with the show …” - Doug Strassler (OFFOFFonline)

  • “It’s hard to say who’s more amusing: the ruthlessly ambitious Dr. Rachel Rosenbaum (Simone Lazer), who reveals every family skeleton, or …” - Cindy Nemser (THE NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL)

  • “The Memorial service runs riotous as niece Dr. Rachel Rosenbaum the shrink (Simone Lazer, seriously funny) condemns this ‘dysfunctional family circus’ even as she touts her self-help book.” - Michael Sommers (THE SUNDAY STAR LEDGER)

  • “Praise must be given to Lazer (who plays) Dr. Rachel Rosenbaum a psychologist who, during the service, points out all of her relatives respective dysfunctions. I couldn’t stop laughing!” -  Donna Ezor (METRO WEST JEWISH NEWS) 

  • “Meet Grandma Sylvia’s family. It’s not a pretty bunch. Rachel, (that’s doctor Rachel) offers an airy lecture on dysfunction and denial. The memorial service and reception are high on humor, low on philosophy. This is environmental comedy that stretches the form further yet. Best of the weekend!” -  Janice Arkatov (THE LOS ANGELES TIMES)

  • “The cast is extraordinary, seamlessly improvising and chewing the fat. My favorites were Simone Lazer as the hysterical psycho psychiatrist Dr. Rachel Rosenbaum, and …” -  Gregory Young (HX)

  • “Rachel Rosenbaum, (Lazer) best selling psychoanalyst, told me I had to  work on my death fantasies, shoved a business card in my hand and worked in a plug for her new book, “Mommy, Look at Me.” - Jan Stuart (NEW YORK NEWSDAY)

  • NEW YORK Magazine

    They had come from across the tri-state area at the invitation of Comedy Central … Dr. Rachel Rosenbaum, (Simone Lazer) of New York & Los Angeles, strode up and introduced herself. Dressed in a fitted brocade pantsuit, with dark glasses and painted nails, she hardly seemed to belong to the same species as her tweedy, balding colleagues. She took me aside and told me confidentially that she’d just come from her grandma Sylvia’s funeral: I offered my condolences. Lowering the sunglasses, with a more conspiratorial tone, “I’ve just come from Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral,” she said. “I play a shrink. I do have a book; it’s called Get a Life … Yours. We’ll, it’s not a real book, but I suggest … it’s from HarperCollins.”

    Despite the admission, it wasn’t altogether clear that Dr. Rosenbaum understood the difference between fantasy therapist and real therapist, a concern that only grew deeper as she began passing out business cards. Jonathan Katz, also a comedian and not a real therapist did not share her sense of self-confidence. “I feel so phony all of a sudden,” he said. – Ariel Kaminer

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